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Stan is very proud to be endorsed by:

  • United States 44th District Congressman Ken Calvert
  • California State 37th District Senator Bill Emmerson
  • Former Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth
  • Former State Senator Robert Presley
  • California Assembly 71st District Assemblyman Jeff Miller
  • California Assembly 66th District Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries
  • California Assembly 64th District Assemblyman Brian Nestande
  • Former California Assemblyman Ted Weggeland
  • Riverside County 2nd District Supervisor John Tavaglione
  • Riverside County 5th District Supervisor Marion Ashley
  • Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff
  • Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Kenn Young
  • Riverside County 5th District Supervisor Marion Ashley
  • Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach
  • Riverside Community College District Trustee Virginia Blumenthal
  • Riverside Community College District Trustee Janet Green
  • Western Municipal Water District Board member S.R. Al Lopez
  • Mr. Dan Hollingsworth

City of Corona
  • Mayor Eugene Montanez
  • Mayor Pro Tem Jason Scott
  • Councilmember Steve Nolan
  • Councilmember Karen Spiegel
  • Treasurer Dick Haley
City of Eastvale
  • Mayor Jeff DeGrandpre
  • Mayor Pro Tem Kelly Howell
  • Councilmember Adam Rush
  • Councilmember Ike Bootsma
  • Councilmember Ric Welch
City of Norco
  • Mayor Kevin Bash
  • Mayor Pro Kathy Azevedo
  • Councilmember Berwin Hanna
  • Former Councilmember Greg Newton
City of Jurupa Valley
  • Councilmember Frank Johnston
  • Councilmember Mike Goodland
City of Riverside
  • Councilmember Rusty Bailey
  • Councilmember Chris MacArthur
  • Former Councilmember Ed Adkison
Corona-Norco Unified School Board
  • President Bill Newberry
  • Vice President Michell Skipworth
  • Clerk John Zickefoose
  • Board member Cathy Sciortino
  • Board member Dr. Jose Lalas
Additional Elected Officials
  • Mayor Ella Zanowic, City of Calimesa
  • Councilmember Jim Hyatt, City of Calimesa
  • Mayor Barbara Hanna, City of Banning
  • Mayor Pro Tem John Machisic, City of Banning
  • Mayor Brian Tisdale, City of Lake Elsinore
  • Mayor Pro Tem, Bob Magee, City of Lake Elsinore
  • Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Washington, City of Temecula
  • Councilmember Darcy Kuenzi, City of Menifee
  • Councilmember Kelly Bennett, City of Murrieta
  • Councilmember Robin Hastings, City of Moreno Valley
  • Councilmember Bill Batey, City of Moreno Valley
  • Mayor Pro Tem Ben Benoit, City of Wildomar
  • Riverside Unified School District President Tom Hunt
  • Alvord Unified School District Board member, Ben Johnson II
  • The Association of Riverside County Chiefs of Police
  • The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association
  • The Riverside County Deputy District Attorneys Association
Community Leaders
  • Lou Monville, Former member of the California Community College District Board of Governors
  • Stephanie Hashimura, President Corona-Norco Republican Women, Federated
  • Library Trustee Tiffany Nyiri
  • Library Trustee Eileen Colapinto
  • Library Trustee Elizabeth Hayden
  • Planning Commissioner Yolanda Carillo
  • Former Planning Commissioner Alysia Padilla
  • Parks Commissioner Ed Carrillo
  • Parks Commissioner Nancy Martin
  • Parks Commissioner Kevin Button
  • President Emeritus of Norco College Dr. Brenda Davis
  • Parks Commissioner Edward Carrillo
  • Michael Ackerman
  • Danny Azevedo
  • Dr. George Beloz
  • Denea and Trent Breitenbucher
  • Mary Barnett
  • Seth and Shelli Bond
  • Reggie and Tamara Doss
  • Judy Flynn
  • Diana and Kevin Fortney
  • Aaron Knox
  • Gail Mangold
  • Tracy Mauser
  • Rich Meraz
  • Rich and Vicki Gauger
  • Sandy and Steve Klein
  • Jacqueline and Terry Madory
  • Christy Parker
  • Marilyn Peters
  • Eric and Kathleen Ray
  • Allen Villalobos
  • Michael and Veronica Wheeler
  • John Wiles
  • Mary and Richard Winn
  • James Zinn
  • Marilyn and Rich Richmond
  • Bruce and Penny Smith
  • George Ramos
  • Bob McManus
  • John Costa
  • Glen Schafer
  • Al Lopez
  • Geoffrey Caldwell
  • Chris Mann
  • Brian Persons
  • Rob Medrano
  • Teri Figueroa
  • Randy Schumacher
  • Ron and Darlene Hackenberg
  • Bahram Alipour
  • Firouzeh Gharahvali
  • Francine Herrera
  • Jim Orr
  • Don Williamson

Partial List
About Stan

Stan Skipworth was first elected to the Corona City Council on November 7, 2006 and became Mayor on November 30, 2010. He is a member of the Council's Finance, Legislation, & Economic Development Committee and Joint Schools Committee. Mayor Skipworth also represents the City of Corona on the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) Executive Committee and Administration & Finance Committee.

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